Hello …..

hello ……. I’m back! I can tell I’ve been away for a while as all seems to have changed with dear ol’ blogger – just took me a while to work out how to create a new post! 😉 I do have a good reason for being away, I had lots of work to do […]

Fast flowers

It’s been a busy week here, but sadly not with much card making. I’ve had a lot of accounts to do so have been busy trying to get them done between baby groups, feeds and nappy changes. I did manage to make this quick card in 5 minutes as a thank you to Stephanie, my […]

Butterflies in disguise

Had a lovely morning at Baby Cafe but then I was struck down by a killer headache and feeling lightheaded this afternoon. First time I’ve felt unwell since Grace arrived and I was so worried she needed me and I wasn’t able to look after her but luckily I managed to feed her and then […]

Twas my first …..

I know I’ve been MIA recently but it has been a very busy time – I was preparing for my first Stampin’ Up party which took place on Friday night. I had a fab time with a lovely bunch of ladies, and my first few hours away from Grace flew by. (Daddy was on childminding […]

Newest addition to the family

It’s been a busy week here with lots of visitors at the weekend, but think almost all our friends and family have now met Grace. So going forward I will hopefully have bit more time to craft and keep on top of the ironing – how does such a small person make so much laundry!? […]